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bronze inkwell cod.:CAL65

Encrier avec ornements en bronze et porte-stylo

Cod. CAL65
Encrier en verre et bronze ciselé, utile comme porte-stylo aussi. Il s'agit d'un produit idéal, de qualité et traditionnel.

€ 42,00 TVA incluse


shop online calligraphy ink writing gifts sets pen and inkwell bortoletti fonderia artistica, was founded in a small laboratory on the edgeof the venice lagoon in 1980. the maturation of many years of experience has led to a leap in quality that has affected the entire creative process for our inkwell collections shop online. our creations are all made in italy, an opportunity to appreciate relevance of writing gifts completely handmade. inkwell collections italian design made in italy bortoletti venice shop online calligraphy ink writing gifts sets pen and inkwell cal65

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